Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Digital Reporting Class Critique

Picture Taken By: Kenie
Title: Gabriel-Kun

Quick Comments:This photo shows great angles and lines. The subject looks like he is confused and is looking out into the world. The lighting on his face reflects his inner hapiness. The placement of Gabriel being off to the side also makes the photo more interesting.

Picture Taken By: Kenie
Title: Brian-Chan

Quick Comments: The simple background allows his green shirt to really stand out. His posture funny and gives the picture a goofy feel. The shadow behind his body is developing without much light. The picture doesn't look as plain as it would have been straight.

Picture Taken By: Gabriel-Kun
Title: Karen-Sama

Quick Comments: The light coming through the hair looks very vibrant. The simple background allows the viewer to block out distraction. The expression of her face give the picture sadness. The closeness of the picture allows us to focus on her.

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