Friday, March 28, 2008

Perry's Joint (1st Class Project)

This is the first collaborative class project that shows off all of the skills that the students have been learning such as digital photography and videography, computer editing and manipulation, photojounalism techniques, how to create and manage a blog, and so much more!

The students are creating films like this one on topics of their choosing all by themselves. Keep checking out this blog for the latest and greatest from our awesome students..... great things are coming soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Awesome Panorama

Click to Enlarge

This stunning panorama was taken by Shadow47 and really shows off the sophisticated photography many of the students are producing in our Digital Reporting class. Many pictures were taken at Villa Park and put together in the computer using advanced Photoshop techniques.

Click Here to check out the rest of Shadow47's Blog

Monday, March 17, 2008

Special Assignments (Unfinished)

This is the list of articles that the students are developing to be full fledge photojournalism articles. Most postings will be in progress until the end of the semester.

Life at Muir -
Nature at Muir, by Shadow47
Family at Muir, by Flirtyjr727r
Kick Spots, by Kenie-Sama

First Robotics -
San Diego Regional Competition, by SpiegelBebop

Parry's Joint -
Jazz at Parry's Joint, by Shadow47

Orphan Squirrels, by 1Casper1

Mustangs on the Move -
Sarge's Physical Fitness -
Yoga -
Anime -
Shoes -
Jewelry -

What Students Will Learn!

Students will learn:

FUNdamentals of Digital Photography:

What Photojournalism is: Video Definition, History

How to create and manage a Blog:

How to upload and manipulate photos in Photoshop:

Basic Computer / Internet Skills

Writing and Grammar:

How to combine all these skills in a photojournalism piece:

Field Trips to Local Cultural Venues:

How to promote other community programs:

Most importantly undrstanding that their story is important and that with their new skills they can have an impact:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What is Photojournalism?

This video was presented to the class to explain what photojournalism is all about. Be sure to check out their comments below.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Digital Reporting Class Critique

Picture Taken By: Kenie
Title: Gabriel-Kun

Quick Comments:This photo shows great angles and lines. The subject looks like he is confused and is looking out into the world. The lighting on his face reflects his inner hapiness. The placement of Gabriel being off to the side also makes the photo more interesting.

Picture Taken By: Kenie
Title: Brian-Chan

Quick Comments: The simple background allows his green shirt to really stand out. His posture funny and gives the picture a goofy feel. The shadow behind his body is developing without much light. The picture doesn't look as plain as it would have been straight.

Picture Taken By: Gabriel-Kun
Title: Karen-Sama

Quick Comments: The light coming through the hair looks very vibrant. The simple background allows the viewer to block out distraction. The expression of her face give the picture sadness. The closeness of the picture allows us to focus on her.