Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What is this class all about?

This class is ALL about YOU!

Whether you want to save the planet, fight for social rights, promote your favorite band, or just show what a crazy Kobe fan you are.... this class is for you. We know what you have to say is important and want to give you the skills and technology to get your message out. You will learn to make blogs about stuff that inspires you.

Students will be able to take digital cameras home, around campus, and around town to take pictures of their daily life and special interests. Students will then learn to alter these pictures and make graphics with the classes computers so they can put them into their own personal blogs, websites, and social networking (Myspace) profiles.

The only way this class will be boring is if the students are boring, which is pretty unlikely!

In addition to all the positive feedback students will get during the class and exhibition, students works will be submitted for publication in local newspapers and their favorite magazines, submitted to various writing and photojournalism contests, and to major news networks like CNN and MTV under the sections for “citizen journalism” or “i-reporting”. What are you into? Have something to say? Who are you? Sign up and let the world know!

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